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The weather station is a Maplin Silver USB Wireless Touchscreen Weather Forecaster (Code: N96FY) made by Fine Offset of China.

Data collection and website data updates are handled by CumulusMX software, originally by Sandaysoft but now maintained by community effort.

The weather pages are updated every 10 minutes. The meteorological day used at this station ends at midnight.

The following pages are available:

  • now - the current readings.
  • gauges - a graphical view of the current readings. Hover the mouse over any graphic to see the current value.
  • today - a summary of today's highs, lows & totals.
  • yesterday - a summary of yesterday's highs and lows.
  • this month - a summary of this month's highs and lows.
  • this year - a summary of this year's highs and lows.
  • records - highs and lows since the station went operational.
  • monthly records - a monthly breakdown of highs and lows.
  • trends - graphs of the temperature, pressure, rainfall, and wind speed trends for the last 24 hours. Click on a button to show the corresponding graph.
Weather Station
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